Striker Pride Day



Strikers Pride Day

March 24th, 2017


Show your Striker Pride by wearing your green jersey to school on Friday March 24th.


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DR Strikers Winter Practice Schedule


The D-R Strikers Winter practice starts this Friday!

December 2nd

Sherwood in Seekonk

Practice Dates

12/2, 12/9, 12/16, 1/6, 1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3, 2/10, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31

Practice Times

Age  Team/Division Field Timeslot
U08 U08 Girls Hoyle Field 1A 5pm-6pm
U08 U08 Boys Silva/Conc Field 1B 5pm-6pm
U08 U08 Boys Mello/Moitoso Field 1B 5pm-6pm
U09 U09 Girls D1 Morgado Field 2B 7pm-8pm
U09 U09 Boys D2 Cabral Field 1A 6pm-7pm
U09 U09 Boys D2 Cooper Field 1A 6pm-7pm
U10 U10 Boys D2 Therisold Field 2A 5pm-6pm
U10 U10 Boys D2 Garcia Field 2A 5pm-6pm
U10 U10 Girls D2 Field 2B 7pm-8pm
U10 U10 Girls D1 DePalo Field 3 7pm-8pm
U10 U10 Boys D1 Campos Field 2B 5pm-6pm
U10 U10 Boys D1 Levisee Field 2B 5pm-6pm
U11 U11 Boys D1 Chartier Field 2A 7pm-8pm
U11 U11 Boys D2 Hannon Field 2A 7pm-8pm
U12  U12 Boys D2 Leblanc Field 1A 5pm-6pm
U12 U12 Girls D1 Leonard Field 2B 6pm-7pm
U12 U12 Girls D2 Hughes Field 2A 6pm-7pm
U12 U12 Girls D2 Poirier Field 2A 6pm-7pm
U14 U14 Boys D1 Leblanc Field 1B 6pm-7pm
U14 U14 Girls D1 Tavares Field 1B 7pm-8pm
U14 U14 Boys D2 Bryant Field 1A 7pm-8pm

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Concussions are a serious health concern in youth sports. The DRSC is committed to the physical and emotional safety of our players.  In order to focus on this commitment we are educating our coaches, parents and Board Members in the dangers of concussion-related injuries. 

The DRSC will provide our members with tools and recourses to educate them on the extreme dangers of concussions; how to prepare for and protect against concussions; the causes and recognizing the symptoms of a concussive injury.

All coaches in the DRSC will be required to have completed a Concussion Certification.  The recommended course is provided free from the CDC and may be accessed by the following link.  CDC Heads Up Concussion Training

It is also recommended that parents take this free online course so they know and understand the severity, the symptoms, and recovery information of concussion-related injuries.

Some additional resources:

Coaches Concussion Fact Sheet

Coaches Concussion Clipboard

Parents Concussion Fact Sheet


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Field Status
Bliss - Field 1 - #11v11 - Rehoboth TBD (3/24) 
Bliss - Field 2 - #7v7 - Rehoboth TBD (3/24) 
Bliss - Field 3 - #7v7 - Rehoboth TBD (3/24) 
Bliss - Field 4 - #9v9 - Rehoboth TBD (3/24) 
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