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Have you thought about helping out the organization that your child is a part of?  We have a three board positions that are openning up this year, Board Member and Associate Board Member.  All the information of the responsibilities by position can be found in our Consitution (https://leagueathletics.com/Page.asp?n=72112&org=DRSTRIKERS.ORG)

The Board normally holds meetings every 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Bliss Field House or Dighton Middle School.  The meetings may last from an hour to about 3 hours depending on the agenda.  The positions that each Board Member holds for the year will be voted on during the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  This years AGM will be held Wednesday July 25th at the Bliss Field House.

If you are have questions about becoming a Board Member please feel free to reach out to any of the current Board Members.  Once you have decided to help out and become and a Board Member you can contact myself by replying to this email or you may email me directly at  .

Matthew Chartier
DRSC President

by posted 07/09/2018
2018 AGM

The DRSC will be holding it's Annual General Meeting July 25th immediately following the July Monthly Board Meeting (7:00PM).

by posted 06/21/2018
Introducing the new DR Strikers logo

Introducing the new DR Strikers logo
The Dighton Rehoboth Strikers Soccer Club was founded in 1997. With more than two decades of history, the board felt it was time to update and modernize the logo as the club continues to expand and evolve.
The new logo was an exciting project and a true a collaboration between the board members. The project was spearheaded by the club’s president, Matt Chartier, who designed the initial logo concepts. The board then worked through several rounds of feedback and created multiple versions of each concept. 
When the board’s favorite concepts were agreed upon, the logos were refined, polished and finalized by the award-winning design team at Brunello Inc, a Boston-based digital agency owned by board member Adam Hoyle.
You’ll start seeing the new logo rolled out across the club throughout 2018. We hope you like it! 

by posted 02/01/2018

Concussions are a serious health concern in youth sports. The DRSC is committed to the physical and emotional safety of our players.  In order to focus on this commitment we are educating our coaches, parents and Board Members in the dangers of concussion-related injuries. 

The DRSC will provide our members with tools and recourses to educate them on the extreme dangers of concussions; how to prepare for and protect against concussions; the causes and recognizing the symptoms of a concussive injury.

All coaches in the DRSC will be required to have completed a Concussion Certification.  The recommended course is provided free from the CDC and may be accessed by the following link.  CDC Heads Up Concussion Training

It is also recommended that parents take this free online course so they know and understand the severity, the symptoms, and recovery information of concussion-related injuries.

Some additional resources:

Coaches Concussion Fact Sheet

Coaches Concussion Clipboard

Parents Concussion Fact Sheet


by posted 10/15/2014
Field Status
Bliss - Field 1 - #11v11 - Rehoboth OPEN (7/17) 
Bliss - Field 2 - #11v11 - Rehoboth OPEN (7/17) 
Bliss - Field 3 - #9v9 - Rehoboth OPEN (7/17) 
Bliss - Field 4 - #9v9 - Rehoboth OPEN (7/17) 
Bliss - Field 5 - #7v7 - Rehoboth OPEN (7/17) 
Bliss - Field 6 - #7v7 - Rehoboth OPEN (7/17) 
Bliss - Training Space - Rehoboth OPEN (7/17) 
Sherwood Field 1 - Seekonk OPEN (7/17) 
Sherwood Field 1B - Seekonk OPEN (7/17) 
Sherwood Field 2 - Seekonk OPEN (7/17) 
Sherwood Field 2A - Seekonk OPEN (7/17) 
Sherwood Field 2B - Seekonk OPEN (7/17) 
Sherwood Field 3 - Seekonk OPEN (7/17) 
Spellman Field 7v7 - Dighton OPEN (7/17) 
Spellman Field 9v9 - Dighton OPEN (7/17) 
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